Residential flooring

Residential flooring in Brisbane

The right choice of flooring can be the difference between your home looking drab or beautiful. Our wide selection and vast experience in domestic flooring guarantee total satisfaction. We will take the time to review your budget and preferences to help you select the perfect option.
The benefits of carpet make it the first choice for many homeowners. We have a variety of different carpets available that provide a quieter, softer and warmer surface than any other flooring material.  

At Premier Floors we have been contacted for a variety of reasons by our clients Mater Hospital has over the 29 years that we have been supplying and laying their floors contacted us in times of emergency or for repairs of their floors. 7 Eleven has for the last eight years had Premier Floors carry out repairs to the traffic areas in their convenience stores. Commercial Builders often contact Premier Floors for an urgent floor repairs eg removing a cabinet to expose a bare concrete floor that needs to be matched with the other surfaces. 

Carpet: Situations arise with wear and tear or an emergency such as storm damage, water damage or even in a renovation scenario that the floor surface needs to be repaired.

Vinyl: Vinyl is the pinnacle of convenience, durability and affordability. We have a vast amount of different designs available, including those that resemble wood, stone, metal and other natural materials. 

Timber flooring: Few materials can match the timeless, luxurious look and feel of a real timber floor. We offer a variety of installation options, including floating floors that are easily installed over any surface.

Repairs: Repairing your floor instead of replacing it can save you heaps of time and money. We have the extensive knowledge and experience needed to seamlessly repair any surface to look like new. 

Ceramic tiling: Because of ceramic tiling’s durability and water resistance, it is perfectly suited for a variety of rooms, such as bathrooms and kitchens. We also carry a large assortment of colours and sizes to match any design. 

Epoxy flooring: Epoxy flooring is a mixture of resins and hardeners that result in a strong, long-lasting material. It is perfectly suited for rooms that require durable, convenient flooring, such as workshops and garages.
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